Some modern books worth reading


The Master, The Lover, and Me: This remarkable book is a gift of considerable import to all genuine seekers of truth. Presenting a unique, adventurous journey with advanced souls in the Canadian and American Rockies, this work stands shoulder to shoulder with well-known spiritual classics of bygone years such as Murdo Macdonald Bayne’s Beyond the Himalayas.

The genre is a familiar one, yet this work, which is expressed in poetic language of rare beauty, is particularly valuable because it constitutes, however incredible the content may seem, bona fide experiences of the author and the divine alchemy they perform on her soul and persona.

The journey is triggered by a close call with death on a remote trail in the Canadian Rockies and is the direct result of a letter penned some years previously by the author and addressed to a specific Master or Mahatma of Wisdom. As those familiar with the Ageless Wisdom know, anyone who directs strong thoughts to these wise Beings is forging an inevitable link with a Master. And if one dares to go to the extent of writing an actual letter, and “rushing in where angels fear to tread” – well – that kind of persistence cannot be ignored. As the author explains, it is rather like a child stomping his/her feet to gain attention. The letter is a direct invitation for certain effects to materialize and for one’s karma to be fast-tracked.

In addition to meeting with individuals demonstrating a very high state of consciousness, the outer journey presents a spell-binding tale of a variety of surprising adventures and also experiencing sacred centres in impressive edifices replete with awesome works of art and spiritual symbology, and so much more!!

However, much more significant are the lessons learned on this surreal sojourn and the teachings imparted along the way by these wise souls. Woven skillfully and artfully into the narrative is the essence of the Ageless Wisdom which re-iterates the Oneness of Life, its origin from One Great Source, and the necessity of developing the spiritual heart – teachings for which the present world with its plethora of conflicts is in great need.  These teachings are presented with considerable humour and joy and in a way that is palatable for those commencing the quest; and yet they remain equally appealing to those more familiar with the more profound aspects of the Wisdom teachings. Insightful nuggets are truly interspersed plentifully into the narrative, which are worthy of further contemplation and meditation long after the story is finished, and regardless of where one stands of the Path.

Strongly emphasized throughout the text is the Unconditional Love of Divinity. According to the encountered Masters, life is about “waking up to that Love which is always present”. Many misconceptions of course swirl about the idea of love and its many manifestations and yet learning to give of oneself selflessly is totally in accordance with the purpose of Divinity. Not surprisingly, as much of the narrative is on the theme of opening up the spiritual heart, this journey also involves a poignant love story. The author’s “lover” is a chela of the leading Master and the relationship between Raj and the author turns out to be a profound one. Their beautiful romance is portrayed with considerable finesse and beauty.

The narrative has a surprising twist at the end that confirms the compelling reality that indeed Masters, and part of the spiritual Hierarchy, not only exist in the far East, but can also be found in the Rockies. And who knows, if we are open enough, and courageous enough to write a letter (!!), we may even find ourselves presented with a similar opportunity and journey. Denise, you have not only done us all a great favour in sharing this inspirational narrative but you have also helped to restore our hope in future possibilities and the spiritual evolvement of humanity.                  

Fiona C. Odgren – Teacher

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