This is the trick of compassion, and it is the reason why brotherhood is the first essential to wisdom. It is not because the unbrotherly will displease the god or go to hell or something of the sort. It is because he will cut off the life-giving currents of his being. The man who gives his animal self an antipathy has furnished the adversary with a weapon that will kill creative thought, and, although the unbrotherly man may continue to think he is thinking, he is not thinking at all, but giving up the portal of his mind to a most inefficient and privative guardian who passes the enemy and rejects the friend. Since questioning then and the orderly review of a stream of ideas is the wisdom process in little, it will be so in large, and the Theosophical student will be at his best when he conforms to the law. He should project his inquiry in question form, not a single question, but a scheme or framework of questions that will at once elicit a flow, provide for its critical survey and guard against interruptions.

Thank you Roy Mitchell

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