For over 40 years Denise McDermott-King has been a student and teacher of spiritual traditions. She has travelled extensively, sharing words from The Ancient Wisdom as well as sharing her personal stories and amazing happenings on radio and television. Within a framework of captivating storytelling, full of candour, humour, and intimacy, her writings reveal modern esoteric teachings making Ancient Wisdom easily accessible to all. THAT IS WHAT I SHOULD PUT IN A BIO.

But I also love adventure, in fact all my life I have welcomed it. My mind questions, I never said doubted, but questions, and so some would say I am very logical. But logic gives the impression of excluding my other brain cell that resides on the right side. Oh I love art, music, creating wands and staffs, hanging beads and herbs in my doorway instead of screens and curtains. Order is something I function well with, but oh! to put garden gnomes randomly on the hearth of my living room fireplace, just  fills me with a wonder that makes me get up at night just so I can feel it, over and over again. Butter, fizzy water, cashew nuts and bananas, prove there is a God for me, and hearing members of my family laugh, and friends who can’t stop talking on the phone, reiterates, that the Universe is in wonderful order and The Divine has not yet finished with the planet.

I do hope you read my book. It is the very thing I was supposed to do, and I will leave this planet so happy that you had a part in my story. Oh, and you can email me if you want, please do, I will reply.  (It may take a little longer to do so if the book sells like Parry Hotter. Hahaha.)


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