It has been proved there live today adepts, Masters as we refer to them, who have obtained control over themselves and the forces of nature, and have also guarded the sacred writings in the past regarding the Spiritual Powers of man and the only way man can develop these powers. But I ask you, did these adepts succeed in developing their powers all at once.

Is it possible for a person to climb a tree without proceeding step by step? Can a person reach the top of a building without any means to do so? Can a child be an orator without first mastering the ability to speak?

Do you expect a child to walk before he has learned to stand on his own two feet, or to be an orator before he has learned to speak? Are these not perfect illustrations sufficient to demonstrate, that in order to succeed well in anything you must proceed gradually. A thing done rashly is a thing usually imperfect.

Instinct in a child urges him to continue on with all his efforts in order to succeed, is this not the same instinct that urges the mature man towards his goal despite his failures. Is not this instinct that urges any soul towards progress the Divine Spirit? If you understand these things why would you not proceed patiently and with due attention?

If you see before you the goal you wish to achieve, would you give up simply because you did not achieve it first time? Nay, you would summon the courage within you to step in the very footsteps of these adepts who discovered the true path of Spiritual Enlightenment.

These footprints are clear and can be seen vividly by anyone who cares to do so. These footprints are still preserved and can be found to this day, and many guides who have trodden upon these steps have nearly attained the same ends, which these discoverers/elder Brothers have.

The question naturally arises as to where can these guides and adepts be found, and the answer is of course, everywhere. But are they accessible to all, can anybody employ them as other guides are employed, and what are their costs for employment? All these questions may be answered within one answer. The fact that they retire from the busy world necessarily proves that they do not care for anything pertaining to it.

What else then can induce them to come over to you to guide you on this and through this path? Why, with the proper performance of certain duties, which a man ought to do. But what are these duties spring from this answer.

With all the writings of old, and I mean old, with all that has been shared by those further along the evolutionary path, the answer seems the same, we must consider the whole of mankind as one brotherhood, for the whole of creation has emanated from the eternally Divine Principle which is everywhere, is in everything, and in which is everything. It is therefore the source of all and we should therefore do all we can to do good to humanity.

 We must also develop perseverance, and my motto is ‘Try’.

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