Damodar K. Mavalankar – Madame Blavatsky and Colonel Olcott

[Supplement to The Theosophist, December, 1881.]

[The letter to which the following note was appended by Damodar was written by Col. Olcott to the Editor of the Ceylon Times and is dated October 31, 1881. Olcott replies to the false charges made by the Bombay Gazette that he was an impostor, and presents his credentials and testimonials from the United States War, Navy, Treasury, and State Departments, and various other responsible authorities in Washington and New York by whom he had been employed. He had just returned from Tinnevelly where he had addressed large and enthusiastic meetings. Alarm had been aroused by the enemies of Theosophy who published outrageous slanders in the effort to destroy it by vilifying its representatives. Full particulars are given in The Theosophist for December, 1881, January, 1882, and in Olcott’s semi-autobiographical Old Diary Leaves. — EDS.]

At the same time that our President — who, for a period of nearly three years had abstained from answering his calumniators, wisely treating the anonymous, cowardly slanders with the contempt they merit — was penning the above; and while numerous letters of congratulations from Hindu correspondents and messages full of enthusiasm and gratitude from our Tinnevelly Theosophists were pouring into our office, there appeared a new proof of the insatiable malice of our opponents. That malice and the bitterness of their hatred of the Theosophists have finally reached that degree of blind fury that vitiates the most ordinary perceptions. To lie openly and in the most impudent, shameless manner has become their last expediency. When our readers will have noticed the Official Report of Tinnevelly Branch which follows the present, and a few articles from other correspondents, they will be able to judge for themselves. In a letter from an unknown Tinnevelly correspondent of the Madras Standard the following truthful statement is given: “The natives of this place” writes the informer, “are very sorry for all the hubbub and commotion caused by the arrival of Colonel Olcott, the Theosophist, among them. The Branch Society — the members of which invited him here — were very disappointed intheir expectations. They now call him ‘IMPOSTOR AND PRETENDER’ — to use their own words” . . . !!

By this time our “Branch Society” will have read the above statement. We all sincerely hope our Tinnevelly Brothers will not refuse themselves the satisfaction of pointing out publicly to the “Tinnevelly correspondent of the Madras Standard that the greatest “impostor” is that man who, taking advantage of the voice of the press, imposes upon the public barefaced LIES under the guise of news; “that the term ‘pretender,'” is to be applied only to individuals of his stamp, who pretending to the name of a “correspondent” have a right but to that of a “penny-a-line” slanderer, whose lies would disgrace any respectable paper. A very reliable organ — as a source of information — is the Madras Standard — we see!

Joint Recording Secretary,
Parent Theosophical Society.


Letter No. XXXVII*

[Received at Allababad, January, 1882.]

[*From The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett. — EDS.]

. . . In conclusion Master sends you His best wishes and praying you may not forget Him, orders me to sign myself, your obedient servant,


P.S. Should you desire to write to Him though unable to answer Himself Master will receive your letters with pleasure; you can do so through D. K. Mavalankar. “DD.”