Damodar K. Mavalankar – The Works of the Theosophical Society

The Bombay Theosophical Society

[Supplement to The Theosophist, March, 1882.]

Since the President-Founder’s return from Ceylon, there has been a sudden increase of interest among the members, and an unusual number of fresh initiations. The meeting-hall at the Head-quarters has twice been decorated with flowers, palms, and flags: the first time when some of our Australian brothers were received, and the second, on the evening of January 11, when H. H. Daji Raja, Thakore Sahib of Wadhwan, his Dewan Ganpatrao Laud, Esq., and Rawal Shree Hurreesingjee Roopsingjee, of Sihore, cousin of H. H. the Thakore Sahib of Bhavnagar — all members of our Society — attended. His Highness of Wadhwan is President of the Saorashtr Theosophical Society, and his companions are members. All take a deep interest in our work, especially that part which is connected with the study of arcane science. The two young nobles have, by their affability and lack of all pretentiousness, won the sincere regard of their Bombay brothers. The floral and other decorations on both occasions reflected great credit upon the taste of Fellows, Monsieur and Madame Coulomb, who kindly took entire charge of the affair.

The preliminary business of the meeting having been transacted, nine candidates for fellowship were then ushered in by their respective sponsors. In a short and impressive speech delivered by the President-Founder, Colonel Olcott, he explained, to the audience, the noble aims of the Society, dwelt at length upon the grandeur of the idea of Universal Brotherhood, the importance of the culture of Oriental Science and Philosophy, and lastly upon the necessity of the diligence, zeal and cooperation of the members.

He then conducted the initiation ceremony. All this occupied about an hour and a half. At the request of the President-Founder, Mr. K. M. Shroff, the Councillor of the Parent body, one of the most energetic fellows of the Society, addressed the meeting, explaining to the members to their entire satisfaction, certain phenomenal occurrences that had recently come under his personal observation and had also been witnessed by His Highness Daji Raja Chandrasingji, the Raja’s Dewan and by Rawal Shree Harreesinghji of Sihore, and a few others.

His Highness the Raja of Wadhwan was then introduced to the meeting by Dr. D. E. Dudley, President of the Bombay Branch, and a formal reception was given by the Society to His Highness. After all the members present had been introduced to His Highness by Messrs. Shroff and Banaji, the Secretary of the Bombay Branch, the Thakore Sahib made a short speech in English and then addressed the Brethren in Gujarathi.

H. H., our distinguished visitor, who is the Vice-President of the Parent Theosophical Society, is also President of the Saorashtr Branch.

The meeting was then adjourned. Still more applications having been received, another meeting was held on the 16th of February.

Joint Recording Secretary,
Parent Theosophical Society.