The notion of black magic is likely to give rise to wild and bizarre images or suggest something better left to fantasy fiction or sensational tabloids. We must realize, though, that magic really refers simply to power exercised through consciousness. We all practice magic when through our conscious will, we control ourselves or influence others. Magic is “black” if that power is exerted for self-centered ends. On this level, then, magic is no more and no less mysterious than ordinary consciousness interacting with body and environment. But however and by whomever exercised, whether called black magic or not, the real exercise of evil on the human plane is always linked to human selfishness, callousness, and cruelty, not to “occult forces” in themselves. These latter are as neutral as the knife held in the human hand and controlled by the human mind, which may be used to chop vegetables or to kill.

I try not to forget that whether forces are dark or light they all grew out of choice, free will. We too have the same choices to make at any given moment, and I wonder if all our opportunities, including the dark age, present themselves so we may choose love every time, and dare I say to find love for the dark brothers also. I do not say condone or like, but to love. This then proposes more questions for me.

What is love for an enemy, for if one fights the dark then the dark could be construed as the enemy. Another question I have is this, did the Ultimate create the dark age, this Kali Yuga or did we the collective? Are we to be fearful of this Kali Yuga? What are we fearful of, is it the loss of the human body, of suffering? I don’t have answers but I can debate it and that serves me little if I stay in my head.

May I act as a soul in all my ways, and thus guide others to a right activity.




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