Prophecies are abundant on the internet, and if this is not enough, we are bombarded by continual projections in the media. There have always been the doom and gloom brigade. I remember in the UK the odd person with a sandwich boards who would walk up and down the streets, shouting “The end is nigh.” But now we’ve become so used to it we seem to have lost the path to our own abilities, or we shy away from out abilities.
Society is rife with those who say they have a unique connection with something or someone that neither you nor I can connect with, and for this privilege, charge inordinate amounts of money for that professed ability.
It is troubling how the law of karma is so little understood, for if it were, there would be more wisdom exercised every-time anyone charged good money to impinge or steer anyones mind or course in life.
Don’t get me wrong, there are those who have worked on themselves diligently over many lifetimes in order to connect with a higher force, but they are fewer than thought.
Ask yourself honestly, what is the level of spiritual attainment and lifestyle of the revelator?  How often is the psychic or forecaster accurate? I don’t mean accurate in some things, but accurate enough to be trusted?  
Of course, one may be flattered at times when told they were Cleopatra or Joan of Arc in a past life ( I have met over 239 of each so far.) and elated when they can share they were living in the times of Atlantis or Lemuria, as if it were for the few. There seems to be a growing obsession to know past lives and this may take one’s focus away from living to the fullest in the present.
This is taken from Early Teachings of the Masters.

Question- Have you the power of looking back to the former lives of persons now living, and identifying them?

Answer – Unfortunately some of us have. I for one do not like to exercise it.

Question- In that case would it be improper, personal curiosity to ask for any particulars of my own?

Answer – “Man know thyself,” saith the Delphinian oracle. There is nothing “improper” certainly in such a curiosity. Only would it not be still more proper to study our own present personality before attempting to learn anything of its creator-predecessor and fashioner – the man that was?

I can’t help but feel, that the psychic would find it difficult to tell you accurately his/her own life on the 11th of this month one year ago, let alone know accurately yours thousands of years ago. And as far as future predictions, rarely can a person know their own future let alone know another’s. 
I did an experiment recently and gave random readings. By the end of the week I was considered the next Nostradamus,  Oh god forbid.  Of course I had to come clean and put the record straight (I didn’t charge.)
It was just the law of probabilities that John knew someone who suffered from headaches, and his grandmother, who spent a lot of time in the kitchen (most did back then), came to give her love and was sorry she didn’t spend more time with them.
With another reading, I said the persons grandfather was showing me he was bouncing him on his knee.  He replied he died before he was born.  I justified with, “ah yes he was showing me what he would have liked to have done, had he been alive.” .
And when I gave them past lives, I was walking on water.
Do any of us know who we really are? If so, we don’t need a psychic, and if we don’t, then instead of paying good money asking someone else, let’s discover ourselves. 
We are all a wonderful, intricate, mind-blowing extension of the Divine.
And this brings me to a very valid point. To be adept at anything it takes time and effort.  Of course a master pianist can show one how to play the piano but it takes time and effort to be able to play it like the master pianist.