All occult study is based on the fact that when one asks a question he creates in mind a vortex into which ideas swirl. They are his own fragmentary ideas of the past, the unripened fruit of long looking upon the world, and one by one as they pour into the lighted field of his attention he examines them for their capacity, partial or entire, to answer the question he has asked. I would like my reader to stop now and test this by asking a question aloud and then watching the rush of answers to it. There will present themselves many curious phenomena I have not time to deal with here, for the most part phenomena of animal mind, but there is one that is of the utmost importance to us. Having asked his question and started the stream the student must not interrupt it by rejection of an idea. He must let ideas pass in review before him, regarding them dispassionately because all are germinal of truth, although he may not be able to use more than one or two at the moment. So while he is critical of all, he must be unfriendly to none, else the stream will stop. When an unfriendly reaction to an idea occurs it is because the human elemental is at work, and if the student obey the lower prompting to exclude that idea he will have broken the line of association which is our great intellectual instrument — an instrument without which all intellection would fail.

Thank you Roy Mitchell

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