“The bliss of striving, in essence is illumination. The life of the Absolute is our life, there is only one life is there not? And this life is the life of all and it is no more in one than in another.”

We look to this power within us for we individualize infinite power in proportion to our consciousness of truth. And here is a truth about health and supply. How many who constantly apply positive affirmations ask the question,”why is it that my affirmation has not yet manifested?”

“Gaining more dollars is not spiritual supply; greater savings do not constitute security; physical health is not necessarily a foundation for eternal life: These constitute merely improved human belief. And here is a big key. The advancing student will gradually relinquish his attempts to improve human hood or to improve beliefs in order that the truth of spiritual existence may unfold in his consciousness, so that his consciousness may manifest health and supply. You see it is about coming to a spiritual awareness of health and supply, not with connecting a God or even spirit to health and supply. 

It is all about a consciousness of supply without limits and it is gained without taking thought, and those elder Brothers further along the evolutionary path, know this and encourage this.

We have concepts regarding our Brothers who are further along the evolutionary path than most of us. At one time or another, in this life or another, each of us has experienced the confines of an organized religion, and have carried whether consciously or not, the old order over into our new age journey. The nature of all isms is a superior and an inferior ego and it is the inferior who ends up answerable to a superior. And so we learned the pattern of reporting, imploring, and praying to a superior, in order to get what we want. This is not the consciousness of Divine Inheritance, this keeps us lesser than and lower than.

However, on the true path there is no such thing. We have those who are further along the evolutionary path who encourage us to evolve into the very essence they know, and at some point we take on this same responsibility to be our brothers keeper and extent the hand also. But the belief that a Master has any concern for our physical being, our individual peccadilloes, is quite erroneous. A Master is well aware of the role, with its returning karma and supporting darma, that we have decided to engage in in the current life, and the Master will encourage us but never design us.

Madam Blavatsky states very clearly what I attempt to say in too many words.

“Although the whole of humanity is within the mental vision of the Mahatmas, they cannot be expected to take special note of every human being, unless that being by his special acts draws their particular attention to himself. The highest interest of humanity, as a whole, is their special concern, for they have identified themselves with that Universal Soul which runs through Humanity, and he, who would draw their attention, must do so through that Soul which pervades everywhere”. (Blavatsky, Collected Writings, 6:240)

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