Within a box of old manuscripts sat a letter, a letter so careful hidden it was not found until the latter part of the 20th Century.  It carried great alchemy, and I, in my naivety decided to replicate this letter thereby initiating a series of incredible events.  And it didn’t just happen to me, for another seized the same opportunity to replicate it, and since? Well, what can I say!

With this first book I share part of my gripping story and I feel sure you will find yourself compelled to read it to the end. 

Whether it is true or not you must decide.  But then the question will arise for you too, should you also put pen to paper?


The Master, The Lover, and Me.

(Nominated in New York for a Literary Award.) 

CHAPTER 1   (excerpt)   Your current safe boundaries were once unknown frontiers. 

I had no idea that within 24 hours I would be struggling for life, surrendering to death, and rising with a stranger, and all because of the letter. Looking back, it’s easy to see the series of supposedly random events which brought me to that first 24 hours. Though it was also very clear the events I experienced were all part of a grand design that even the craziest of minds would have found difficulty dreaming up.

So this may sound crazy, but then again, reality often is – especially in a life such as mine. But this is a story of a journey, my journey, and this is my personal invitation for you to join me. You’ll need an open mind and if you happen to find this a challenge, just trust me, as sometimes I felt the same way. By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll have your own opinions for sure.


The Master, The Raven, and The Ageless Teapot


(Denise continues her story into the Sacred Isles)   It is said that if one dares to go to the extent of writing a letter such as she did, and “rushing in where angels fear to tread” – well – that kind of persistence cannot be ignored. 

 CHAPTER 1    (excerpt)  

This was not the first time I had used my mind to bring him to me, well a mental makeup of him. …  Words were not part of this game I played, for he was able to seduce my mind as well as my heart with just an intimation of love. This night, in the lowlight of my room, visions danced before my closed eyes like silent movies, and memories were rekindled, ah memories. Then gently, oh so gently, he touched me, and I, I was happy to sit in this reverie if only for a little while. My limited body let go and the real me soared, then I reached out with my arms in an attempt to catch hold of him to pull him closer, but I failed, I failed, and again I failed. I remembered nothing more till morning.