It seems to be a pattern that a true seeker, whether it be in this life or another, will encounter the judgments and criticisms of not only the skeptics of the world, but of those closest to him. We just have to look at history, with Sir Thomas Moor and the inquisition and final execution by the King, and Galileo Galilei and his inquisition by the church for over a year, and then we come to Madame Blavastky, with not only those of the scientific and spiritualist community out to discredit her, but also her dearest friends and fellow travellers.

Among these great souls, these brave pioneers of truth, stands the figure of William Quan Judge. What an interesting name for this lifestream.

He was born in Dublin. At the age of seven he became seriously ill and at the point of being declared dead the boy revived and survived. Though his recovery was slow it gave him the opportunity to expand his newfound passion for mystical subjects. His family was unaware of his ability to read at this time, and they were surprised to find him reading books on mesmerism, phrenology, magic, religion and similar subjects. He was still living in Dublin at the time.

His mother died after giving birth to her seventh child, and his father and siblings moved to the USA when he was thirteen years old, where his father took the sole responsibility of raising and educating all the children.

Eventually, William went to work for a man who became a court judge, and then William, still only in his early 20’s, was admitted to the state bar just months after his fathers death. His life story is online for all to read so I will not re-iterate every detail here.

William Q. Judge was a staunch supporter of H.P.B. and continued to be up to her death, and in documents released after her death, she referred to him so:

“….He is one of the three founders of the Theosophical Society, the only three who have remained as true as rock to the Cause….”

Referring at a later date to the spirited defense of Judge in the pages of the above-mentioned document, she said in a letter:

“….Let them read Master’s letter in the preliminary…All that which I said about W.Q.J. was from His words in His letter to me…”

The special trust and confidence H.P.B. (Helena P. Blavatsky.) had with regard to Judge is better understood if the psychological mystery connected with him is borne in mind. It is a mystery best known in the Orient and is little known in the west until recent times. Here it is explained well by C.A. Grimson, one of Judge’s friends and co-workers.

“It was the good fortune of a few of us to know something of the real Ego who used the body known as Wm. Q. Judge. He once spent some hours describing to my wife and me the experience the Ego had assuming control of the instruments it was to use for so many years. The process was not quick nor an easy one and indeed was never absolutely perfected, for to Mr. Judge’s dying day, the physical tendencies and heredity of the body he used would crop up and interfere with the full expression of the inner man’s thoughts and feelings. An occasional abruptness and coldness of manner was attributable to this lack of co-ordination. Of course Mr. Judge was perfectly aware of this and it would trouble him for fear his real friends would be deceived as to his real feeling. He was always in absolute control of his thoughts and actions, but his body would sometimes slightly modify their expressions… Mr. Judge told me in December 1894, that the Judge body was due by its Karma to die the next year and that it would have to be tided over this period by extraordinary means. He then expected this process to be entirely successful and that he would be able to use that body for many years, but he did not count upon the assaults from without, and the strain and exhaustion. This, and the body’s heredity, proved too much for even his will and power. Two months before his death he knew he was to die, but even then the indomitable will was hard to conquer and the poor, exhausted, pain racked body was dragged through two months in one final and supreme effort to stay with his friends.”

I would like to here give you the complete letter H.P.B. wrote when powerful enemies were attempting to undermine Judge’s work in America and ruin the genuine spirit of esotericism upon which it was based.

“Ingratitude is a crime in Occultism, and I shall illustrate the point by citing the case of W.Q.Judge. He is one of the three founders of the Theosophical Society, the only three who have remained as true as rock to the Cause. While others have all turned deserters or enemies, he has ever remained faithful to his original pledge. If one wants to know how the Masters would feel towards him, let him read what one of them writes about the fidelity of Colonel Olcott and their appreciation of it, in a letter published in the Occult World. Though strong pressure was used to displace him and his associates (Judge along with them) in favour of another-newcomer-and all manner of boons were promised for the TS., Mahatma ‘K.H.’ flatly refused, saying that ingratitude had never been one of their vices. Now that which Colonel Olcott has accomplished in India and Asia, W.Q.Judge has done in America. He is the Resuscitator of Theosophy in the United States, and is working to the best of his means and ability, and at a great sacrifice, for the spread of the movement; and he is now being infamously attacked and schemed against for this by one who has never done a thing for the T.S. but is now trying to crush it out of existence…Brother Judge refuses to defend himself even more than I have refused to defend myself after the Coulombe conspiracy. No man who knows himself innocent ever will. But is that a reason why we should let him go undefended? It is our bounden duty to support him, in every way, with our sympathy and influence, energetically, not in a hard-hearted, timid way. Let our protest be on merely defensive lines, and not of an aggressive character. For, if the spirit of true Theosophy does not permit of aggressiveness being used, yet it does demand in some cases active defense, and it does impose on everyone of us the duty of taking an active interest in the welfare of a brother, especially of a persecuted brother, as Mr. Judge is now…”

HPB referred in connection with this in the following passage from one of her letters to Judge.

“ The trouble with you is that you do not now the great change that came to pass in you a few years ago. Others have occasionally their astrals changed and replaced by those of Adepts (as of Elementaries) and they influence the outer, and the higher man. With you, it is the NIRMANAKAYA not the “astral” that blended with your astral. Hence the dual nature and fighting.”

This is what is referred to as Tulku, a Tibetan term which describes a condition of a living Initiate or High Occultist who sends a portion of his consciousness to take embodiment, for whatever time, in the neophyte-messenger whom that Initiate sends into the world to perform a duty or to teach. This condition has many degrees and I might add is mostly under the seal of secrecy, and little understood still by those who are students in the movement.

It is a key and may explain to the many, apparent contradictions on the character of the Chelas and also Messengers witnessed by those in the movement.

Here I would like to refer to HPB reference that Judge was “part of herself since several aeons.”

Now that is something to think on hey?

Since becoming a member of the Theosophical Society in Victoria BC. I have heard little of the co-founder of the Theosophical Society W.Q. Judge. So I decided to find out more. He was a mystic, esotericist and an occultist. As one of the co-founders of the original group, he worked closely with some of the foremost names who we hear of on a regular basis.

He remained fixed and true to the teaching and his teachers, and as I research more of his life, his words, his example, his compassion and service, as well as the prolific writings, I have come to realize I could do well to study the integrity and dedication of this big man.

I read this recently.

In a White Lotus Day talk in the early years of the ULT, Robert Crosbie remarked:

“Many have heard of the great powers H. P. B. possessed, and many during her life-time were witness to phenomenal exercise of those powers. William Q. Judge had the same powers. H.P.B.’s powers were heralded abroad by those who saw their exhibitions and believed them, as well as by those who heard of them and disbelieved. Those possessed by William Q. Judge were not so heralded; in fact, so far as was in his power he sedulously concealed the spreading abroad of the knowledge that he had them.

“Now, I may be excused if I speak a few words personally of him in particular, the misunderstood and misrepresented Colleague of H.P.B.

“I met William Q. Judge in 1886 and at that first meeting I found something I had never felt before – the confidence, the realization of the power and knowledge of that Being – and never was I mistaken in it. Never was he false, never did he lack or fail in a single instance in the expression or the use of that power and knowledge. Always he sought to rouse in those with whom he talked the idea of the inner immortal nature of every man; always he sought to implant in their minds the desire and aspiration to realize their own Divinity. And to those whom he trusted he showed again and again great control over the powers of nature. Always, in such cases, he showed those powers, not to gratify curiosity, not to display his knowledge, but always in illustration of the workings of some great law in nature. In Theosophy there is no such thing as miracle. All those occurrences that seem to us incredible or miraculous are brought about by a knowledge of the higher and finer laws of nature.”

William Quan Judge is dead and has been for 120 years. His INNER BEING – the “Rajah” or “Luminous Youth” – is alive and has been for aeons. Did not HPB, writing in the third person in 1889, assert that “W.Q.J. is part of herself since several eons.”? These two great Initiate-Souls, who we speak of as “HPB” and “WQJ,” are far from being “dead.” Some, like Robert Crosbie, knew this directly and experientially for themselves.

W.Q.Judge’s writings are full of the wisdom of the ages, and what I appreciate more than anything, is the way he expressed the teachings in such a simple manner for everyone.

I quote him here.

“The inner eye, the power of seeing, looks deeper into the source of a man’s knowledge and takes it at its true value. Those men who are sharers in the Divine, whose first office is to give, are often protected from the demands and curiosity of the careless by a simple exterior which deceives the worldly sense. Some men are great because of the Power which stands behind them, the divine energies which flow through them; they are great through having leaned how to receive this celestial influx from higher spheres of Being; they are the appointed ministrants, the true servitors of the Law and pupils of Masters whose office is humanitarian and universal.

Such aid is never volunteered; it follows the Karmic behest, and, when given, leaves the student free to follow it or not, as his intuitions may direct. There is not a shadow or vestige of authority in the matter, as the world understands the word authority. Those who travel the unknown way send messages back, and he who can receives them. Only a few of the first steps are here recorded and the first impediments surmounted. No hints of magic lore are to be found; no formulas of creed or occult powers; the questions of an awakening soul are answered, and the pilgrim is shown where lies the entrance to the Path. The world at large seeks the facts of occult science, but the student who has resolved to attain desires to find the true road. What may seem to others as mere ethics is to him practical instruction, for as he follows it he soon perceives its relation to the facts and laws which he is enabled to verify, and what seemed to him the language of devotion merely, is found to be that of science; but the science is spiritual, for the Great Cause is pure Spirit.


In conclusion, I would encourage all sincere seekers of truth, to support every effort of those who are furthering the work of the Masters, and to be tolerant of their shortcomings. I read a saying when I was a little girl and I put it on my bedroom door.

‘Be patient, God has not yet finished with me.’

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